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Ah, yes….

Allow me to demonstrate Kerry’s comfort, on a show where she gets to choose what she wants in a love scene, what to wear, how to be touched and loved up, etc, by Tony.

Exhibits 894948474AVZ20XXX

Boob grab

Pelvis-vajayjay rub

the umm….??

Here,  Tony puts his hands under her dress and then pulls her to his um…. flush on to his… pelvis (or um… “other”)

and these….

just to show a few….

I hope the haters are watching since they hang on Shonda’s every word.

Bless this post!







Lmao spectaclesinscript litnerdlovestv

Praise Jesus!

She’s probably being literal. Be careful to NOT trust her ass.

didn’t she make such a promise about the couples she killed on Greys? Time will tell.

That’s where Fitz is going to live when he loses the election and both Olivia and Mellie walk away from him. That’s where he’ll write his book then eventually shoot himself in the head.

You’re always a ray of sunshine and optimism, aren’t you
? Lol.


Show of hands...





Who’s watching the finale live?

Me. As long as Tony Goldwyn is on this show, I will watch live.

Since my NPB is….


I will be because I don’t want other people’s judgments clouding my opinion of…

This makes me sadder than anything. I feel like this little community I stumbled into is dying. 

It is sad, but be thankful we all know when to move along. SR has destroyed what we loved about Olitz and Scandal IMO. No need to prolong it. Doubt Season 4 won’t be any better because her pets Mellie and Jake will still be front and center.

I’ve been on other ships and it took the show being cancelled for some to finally move on. 

I just want to hug Liv. She was born and raised by the devil and his demons and somehow she manages to wake up press that hair and keep it moving. I really do understand why she holds on to “Vermont” the way she does. She just wants to believe that eventually she can not end up like the sociopaths that raised her. Now making that home / fitz is questionable, but I really do think he loves her. Ugh. I feel for liv so much.
I think I am kind of here for Quinn, when she strolled into OPA and told them they were no better than b613 I was all, truuuuu. I think she is getting the hang of spy life except for the sex which is ewwww.

I don’t want to devote anymore thought to Mellie Grant, I really don’t but here I am typing. That speech was bs thats it. I just… ugh. Hey mellie remember that time that you got mad at olivia for breaking up w/ Fitz. Hey mellie remember that time that fitz got shot and he said he wanted a divorce and you were all, ring the alarm i been through this too long but i’ll be…if I see another chick on your arm. Hey Mellie remember that time when fitz was like i will give you your own political career if you would just give him a divorce. hey mellie remember that time that time you threatened to take fitz’s kids if he left you. Hey mellie remember that time you endangered the life of your own child to get fitz to stay w/ you. Hey mellie remember that time where you got up on national tv and told the whole world your husband was cheating on you.

Hey mellie remember that time when you were running the 1st time around and you were losing and Cyrus brought in Liv who made you win and fixed all your stuff? Hey Mellie remember that time where you were the one that insisted on Fitz running for office b/c after the scene that shall not be named he was all I just want to go home. Hey mellie remember that time when you said pretending is what is real? OMG whatever I don’t care.

A commenter over at Vulture review for Scandal, Flesh and Blood episode 317.

I’m here for people calling out all of Mellie Grant’s reckless and idiotic behavior.

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Whoever that commentator was, I WANT TO KISS THEM!!!

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Facebook Gladiators (and anyone who likes Jake) are the worst.








What the fuck show are they watching and how long have they been doing crack with Rob Ford?


When is comes to Scandal…I stay AWAY from Facebook. They just make…

I highly recommend for anyone who value logic and real conversation to stay away from the scandal Facebook page. I had to unlike it cause I was shock how basic most people are on that page. Jake could have beaten Olivia, he would still get full support from the Facebook folks. So don’t stress over it. Olitz fans just hangs out other places where there are more intelligent conversation.

Yes indeed. Facebook is a cesspool.

The Olitz, Liv, and Fitz hate has increased but really is it that widespread. Just check the #scandal on tumblr. Joke/SF, Mellie/BY, Fitz hate, and Olitz hate will be lucky to get 2 notes. While one gif of Olitz will get 300 notes in one hour. That speaks volumes to me… there is still more love than hate. Just because the haters are more vocal doesn’t mean they have the numbers to back it up. OLITZ scenes still win all the polls and not to mention they won the Facebook best scenes for 3A #1 and #2 in a sea of hate. So I say Olitz fans show up when they want to show up. Other than that…let the basic ones have it.

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