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scandal:   my exclusive (fake) interview with SR.    -redorkulous


Oh God !



LOL priceless!


I was not ready


I can’t with y’all


LMFAOOOOO this is everything

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Anonymous asked:

Other than spoilers, what else is scandal on lockdown about?




EVERYTHING! I can’t even get anyone to talk about wardrobe. There is nothing coming in or out on that set. 

That is all I know.


Reboot, y’all. It’s sooooo happening. Lol.

I doubt it, but God knows it would be a nice way to kick off S4 by forgetting S3 ever happened. SR does learn from her mistakes. Fitz head in Mellie’s lap? After all the criticism, she fixed it and worked it into Fitz strategic plan to free Olivia to be with him. So we shall see how she fix the show against all the criticism she got for for the finale, Rowan killing a child, and Liv getting on a plane with that choker loser jobless good for nothing Joke. 

letspurpleme asked:

Hi, I have a question about this new Scandal couple? Now it's said that it is no secret what couple they play. Who are they suppose to be? Most people on the FB Scandal fan pgs don't know who these people represent. If the info about who they play isn't really supposed to leaked yet I understand.







Hi there! I have no idea. I didn’t even read the article. I truly do not care. Some other people might have the answer to this question but I don’t and don’t care enough to research or wonder. I don’t watch Scandal anymore- sorry! :-(

Warning: SPOILERS.

Unless the script massively changes, they play a couple that’s publicly known for being heroes after they (or she?) saved the lives of children or something like that. Wife got shot as they were saving the kids (?) and is forever in a wheelchair; husband resents that he’s her caretaker. They were in a marriage that was reaching its expiration date and wanted to break up, but circumstances (her getting shot) prevented that, and they’ve been stuck together, miserable. Possibly parallels the Fitz/Mellie marriage (loveless, attempts to get out, circumstances get in the way). Maybe it wakes Olivia up. But that’s probably asking too much.

That would be nice if this opened the door to people realizing Fitz’s feelings, wants, and needs are constantly ignored or undercut by Olivia, Mellie, Cyrus, etc, but I’m still allimage

Season four needs to be the season of Olivia earning Fitz

I want this to open the door to a divorce and for Olivia to realize how miserable Fitz is with Mellie and WHY he is still with her .. but as you all say we all need to lower our expectations lol.

PS : is this couple a client at OPA ? what’s their problem ?

From what I heard they are Olivia’s clients and she one of her over-identifying moments with the wife when she talks about how they used to be in love. She’s working in conjunction with the White House whatever the problem is. Might have something to do with gun control based on other sides.

Also appears that Olivia might have some kind of argument with Fitz at the White House and a military guard asks her if she’s OK when she leaves the room.

Sounds about right. Always subject to change because SR is paranoid about spoilers and will change the script and drop scenes. Since both actors have been cast, it will go down. Wife will unleash her burdens on Liv. Life lessons…reminded me of 216.


Did you guys realized how many times Fitz touched Livvie’s ass and breast ? I am not talking about JUST the sex scene but in every intimate moment they have, he has his hands on her ass! So i always wonder if it’s part of the script or just something Tony add 

The scripts gives actions and emotions. Every moment or movements are not in the script. For example in a scene for 402, the script says “Josh & Brian are now making out in an upscale hotel on the couch. Josh is engaged, but self-conscious.” Another example…the script could say Fitz “passionately” pulls Olivia close and kiss her. How it is carried out is up to the actor and director. I think because of the natural chemistry between Tony and Kerry (not forced like it is with BY and SF for Kerry), his first impulse is to touch her body first. The director lets it roll which makes the Olitz relationship more authentic and passionate.

Kerry Washington’s Favorite ‘Scandal’ Season 3 Moments







The things she said about Jake. Shaking my fucking head. 

Her commentary regarding Olake is why she’ll never win any major award. Why did I read this BS? Curiosity killed me and there was no satisfaction to bring me back. It’s too early for me to be this irritated.

She’s just saying what she sees in the script. Olake is supposed to be the healthy alternative to Fitz. It’s right there in the writing. She can string the Olitz along with the best of them for shits and giggles, but anyone who wants to continue with this show has to understand what product they ultimately will be receiving. 

I agree with this.  This is the story Shonda is selling.  Jake is the “fun, romantic, and happy” alternative to Fitz “dark, unhealthy, toxic” love.   I don’t think that the story will ever be Jake is abusive no matter how much of an outcry there is about what he’s done on screen.  At the most they might kill him off but expect the characters to endless scream his praises about how he was a good man.  Jake has been built as the “man Olivia would be with if Fitz didn’t exist” and as long as he’s on canvas that’s what he will remain until probably the end of the show.

This is Scandal now.   


I understand she has a job to do, but doing your job doesn’t mean you don’t publicly defend your character. She’s too politically correct. KW has presented herself to us as miss social justice, she’s and embassadored to VDay for crying out loud. Yet every time I read something now, she’s supporting this abusive relationship. It is possible for her to present herself as someone who isn’t okay with the treatment of her character due to her personal beliefs. Hell other actors in Shondaland have done so in a way that isn’t disrespectful to SR. I’m sure KW and all her intelligence could find a way to follow in footsteps. But she’s too busy kissing ass and saying ” in shonda we trust”. But you know it’s neither my morals nor my job that appearing to be conflicting.

I’ll agree with you there. 

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