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The title for episode 401…. Interesting. I wonder what it means?

Hmmm, watch the cast come out and say this is “the best script they have ever read”…”Shonda is a Genius”…”YOU ARE NOT READY” ! LOL!

Table read today…filming July 28 - August 7th for 401. 

Shonda usually writes great premieres, it’s the finales that she usually screws up. With the exception of Grant for The People, that was pretty good. Back when Olivia and Fitz breaking up every two minutes wasn’t a thing.

I agree. Her premiere episodes are usually entertaining, it is the finales that  she screws up and adds her usual foolishness to. This one doesn’t look good at first glance…

THE WRITERS’ ROOM: Sh*t Rough Drafts


SundanceTV’s THE WRITERS’ ROOM has partnered with Sh*t Rough Drafts in advance of the series’ upcoming episodes. Winner of the 2013 Great Tumblr Book Search and published by Chronicle Books, Sh*t Rough Drafts collects imagined misguided early drafts of classic books, screenplays, and contemporary literature, creating visions of alternate works that would exist had the authors not come to their senses.

For the first time ever, creator Paul Laudiero has written a series of rough drafts of signature scenes in honor of upcoming THE WRITERS’ ROOM episodes. Some of the drafts will be available on the network’s website ( while others will be available at the Shit Rough Drafts website (

Sundance got jokes!

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